CLEVA-Crete is Australia's pre-eminent concrete admixture company. 

The rapid growth of construction and property development, along with the impacts of climate change, means builders, architects, designers and engineers are looking for smarter ways to protect and reinforce the structures they build, minimise costs and maximise efficiency.

CLEVA-Crete is proven technology that helps them do just that allowing them to tame the beast that is concrete cancer.

We have technology which disrupts normal capillary formation, delivering a proven solution where ultra-low permeability and superior long-term shrinkage reduction is required.

Our smart technology provides a superior finish, lower heat of hydration, reduced ASR, no slab curl, or surface dusting. This revolutionary technology qualifies CLEVA-Crete enhanced concrete for a 25 year warranty for the flooring industry and is positioned at the most attractive price point in the marketplace.

CLEVA-Crete are a South Australian, independent and privately-owned company. We have a complete supply chain network supplying admixture to ready-mix companies across all Australian states and territories, including the most remote areas.

CLEVA-Crete's core competencies

Service-oriented staff

In today’s fast-paced building arena, CLEVA-Crete offers a refreshingly old-fashioned service-oriented experience through a clear process, that allows a high level of collaboration between all stakeholders on any construction site, considering project specific needs for the most desirable outcomes.

On-site planning

CLEVA-Crete proudly prepares and educates all affected parties, including concrete finishers, builders and associated trades, prior to every concrete pour. 

This will often involve the full co-ordination of concrete truck dosing, safe site operations, selection of dosing location and best practice for co-ordinating mixed pours. These pre-pour meetings enable smooth execution of every pour.


CLEVA-Crete has carried out its due diligence on the best quality dosing equipment so there is never failure to dose concrete trucks quickly and safely every time.

The same is required with reliability and maintenance of all dosing vehicles to ensure on-site presence as required to carry out all on-site or batch plant procedures without incident or delays.

Testing regime

On-site testing of all concrete areas modified with a CLEVA-Crete admixture, is an essential part of ensuring the efficacy of the 25 year moisture egress warranty, unique to CLEVA‑Crete 842‑MVRA.

During all 72 hour testing operations on site, consideration is given to locations for testing so as to do so with minimal disruption to the many other trades inside the building. This is paramount to on-site operations, as it reinforces our understanding of time-frames and deadlines for building handovers.


The CLEVA-CRETE 842-MVRA 25 year warranty against moisture egress is the best in its class and is the only such warranty that includes materials and labour.

There have been no failures with this technology in over 35 years, where CLEVA-Crete’s quality control measures have been adopted, ensuring its inclusion in the matrix of a structure’s concrete.

Additionally, the warranty is covered by a Lloyds of London‑backed $30,000,000 insurance policy.

State-of-the-art R&D

CLEVA-crete has acquired the best chemists in this space to ensure its cutting edge technology remains at the forefront of understanding the ever-changing concrete world. In CLEVA‑Crete’s Australian laboratory, R&D has provided additional formulations tailored specifically for durability in Australia’s harsh conditions. 

Sustainability is our priority

All CLEVA-Crete formulations are free from VOCs, hydrocarbons, carcinogenic or toxic ingredients.  

Finest engineers

CLEVA-Crete’s consultant engineers have well over half a century of combined experience identifying any challenges or key items of concern ahead of time. 

They take sincere pride in providing our clients with a project‑specific, complete in-house advisory service.

Consistent supply

Due to CLEVA-Crete sourcing all materials from within Australia, we are able to ensure a consistent supply of products and materials for any size commercial or infrastructure project.

Who works with CLEVA-Crete?

CLEVA-Crete works with Australia’s leading concrete providers, working together harmoniously to provide the best possible result for any project.

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The CLEVA-Crete strategy

The challenges

  • To build fast
  • To build quality
  • To stay within budget
  • To avoid nasty surprises

The strategy

To build integrity into the concrete structure through the use of engineered additives that eliminate bleed water and the formation of capillaries.

The results

  • No capillaries
  • No bleed water
  • No dusting
  • Densifies the concretes
  • Superior structural integrity 
  • Apply floor treatments after just 14 days
  • No moisture issues under overlying flooring finishes
  • Superior finish
  • Minimal shrinkage
  • No slab curl or dusting

Want to learn more about how CLEVA-Crete can obliterate concrete cancer and save you thousands?

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