CLEVA-Crete admixture prevents the formation of capillaries and eventual concrete cancer. 

The inclusion of CLEVA-Crete disrupts normal capillary formation as the concrete is placed - the bleed water process that brings water to the surface when concrete is drying is interrupted. This usual ‘free water’ is retained within the concrete and converted into C–S–H gel, reducing shrinkage, the heat of hydration, resultant DEF and ensuring extremely low permeability.

Denser and stronger concrete, eliminates concrete dusting or slab curl. It also delays deleterious concrete cancer (otherwise known as spalling) avoiding the high cost of future remediation work, not to mention the safety of the building and its occupants.

No capillaries also means no egress of moisture vapours, which are seriously harmful to the flooring industry.

The final result is immeasurable durability and vastly improved design life to the concrete in buildings and superstructures.

What makes CLEVA-Crete so smart?

CLEVA-Crete is a concrete admixture designed to work with the free water and various components of the cement during hydration to build the purest (amorphous) type of C-S-H.

This is an exact science - calculated using the proven ‘Powers’ calculation model - that works out how much free water there is in a concrete mix design.

CLEVA-Crete does not rob any hydration water in its process. Rather it creates a non-hygroscopic, shrinkage and crack‑reducing concrete. 

This is mainly due to the fact that the usual osmosis effect on concrete as it is drying is stopped and the moisture is retained in the slab, where it forms nano‑sized pure C-S-H. 

This retention of moisture is the key to its lowering typical shrinkage.

Many white papers have been written that support this, proving that this nano sized C-S-H adds low permeability and strength to concrete, while adding ductility and - thus - resultant durability to the life of concrete structures.

This technology reduces moisture egress so effectively that builders are able to schedule the early installation of VOC-free, moisture-sensitive, water-based coatings, adhesives and resilient vinyl flooring products.

What other products are available and why aren't they as good as CLEVA-Crete?

There are two main competitors in this waterproofing space. They are:

Crystal growth technology  initially allows all moisture to enter the concrete matrix via  capillaries. These crystals grow and expand. As they do, they slow down the travel speeds of the wicking moisture enough to notice a drying out effect.

Many engineers have issues with this reactive technology, due to the fact that it requires ingress of moisture via capillaries to allow swelling of their crystals. This will lower the pH of the entire matrix, especially around the steel, triggering the deleterious process to the steel itself and the surrounding concrete.

This usually results in eventual catastrophic failure - that is, concrete cancer.

As the crystals form en masse, the excessive product will leach out in the form of an efflorescence that affects the aesthetics of exterior or overhead buildings or infrastructure elements.

Hydrophobicity chemicals enrich the concrete matrix with oils, mostly sought from just under the leather of animal skins, this super soft oil is extended with additional hydrocarbons that, when in concrete, flow through to the extremities of the matrix, hydrophobically fighting off any moisture wanting to enter the matrix.

This material is extremely effective in keeping all the water out.

Many engineers have noticed, in compression testing, that these hydrophobic chemicals will weaken the concrete in some cases by 30% or more, as they slow the hydration water from its normal connection/reaction with the cementitious and supplementary cementitious materials.

Applicators and finishers of this technology also complain of an unusual and offensive odour.

Where did this revolutionary waterproofing technology come from?

We’d like to say we were clever enough to have created this remarkable product and it is ground-breaking technology but, in reality, CLEVA-Crete technology is as old as the hills.

Due to its size (and cost) engineers for the massive Hoover Dam project required a design life of over 1,000 years. This was a hundred years ago and, prior to this, no project had a design life that spanned any more than 50 to 75 years!

This seemingly-impossible task was made a reality when the United States Army Corps of Engineers discovered that the 2,700 year old elevated aqua-ducts, built throughout Europe, held the secret. 

It was in the materials comprising the mortars that they used to line these long conduits, designed for holding water.

After a number of trials, D 5084 testing was carried out in their own labs, which provided enough evidence to show that it will take almost 1,500 years for any water, with a head pressure of over 23 metres, to penetrate 100mm into their new concrete mix design with this new (old) technology.

This provides some insight into the origin and modern history of this superior technology. Technology that works!

Some of the many benefits of CLEVA-Crete

Benefits for builders

  • Ideal for fast-paced, quality building
  • Steep setting curve with no bleed water
  • Easier to helicopter & achieve a dead flat finish
  • No curing or surface moisture loss
  • Multi-storey time saving with a higher MPa in 72 hours
  • CLEVA-Crete QC moisture testing
  • Immediate flooring after 14 days

Benefits for end clients

  • Reduced shrinkage (no H2O loss)
  • Better, flatter aesthetically pleasing product
  • Denser floors with no capillaries
  • Reduces heat of hydration
  • No slab curl
  • Reduced turnaround and project duration

Benefits for shotcrete installers

  • Lower pump line pressure - just 37%
  • Reduced pressure at the nozzle
  • Less rebound
  • Less cold joint waste

Benefits for precast manufacturers

  • Higher early strength
  • Easier finishing
  • Less shrinkage
  • Lower HoH (no DEF)

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