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Taming the beast

Concrete cancer is a destructive beast that ravages the construction industry.


This problem is caused by the ‘water of convenience’ or ‘free water’ in concrete that is not required for hydration, but is necessary for mixing, placing, levelling and the finishing of concrete.


This bleed water is lighter than other materials in the concrete matrix, so it floats to the top. 

In any piece of concrete, in most applications, millions of tiny bleed water tubes called capillaries are formed, that stay in the concrete once it has set.

Concrete is the most stable of all construction materials but, because of these capillaries, it acts like a sponge, allowing the ingress of water and destructive chemicals. 

When these liquids reach the steel, the pH - that was at 12 when the concrete was poured - drops to as low as 7, destroying the structural steel. The steel rusts, the concrete around it expands and spalls. 

This contributes to catastrophic failure – and it’s a beast to the longevity of any structure.

There are so many benefits to using CLEVA-Crete

  • Enhanced curing
  • No surface grinding to accept VOC free floor adhesives

  • Early setting curve
  • Achieve a typical seven day MPa much earlier than normal

  • Tiles, vinyl and carpets can be laid after just 14 days of concrete pour

  • No epoxy moisture control coatings required - ever!
  • Savings of up to $100 a square metre

The CLEVA-Crete strategy

The challenges

  • To build fast
  • To build quality
  • To stay within budget
  • To avoid nasty surprises

The strategy

To build integrity into the concrete structure through the use of engineered additives that eliminate bleed water and the formation of capillaries.

The results

  • No capillaries
  • No bleed water
  • No dusting
  • Densifies the concretes
  • Superior structural integrity 
  • Apply floor treatments after just 14 days
  • No moisture issues under overlying flooring finishes
  • Superior finish
  • Minimal shrinkage
  • No slab curl or dusting

Want to learn more about how CLEVA-Crete can obliterate concrete cancer and save you thousands?

Call the CLEVA-Crete tech team on 1300 503 929 for more information
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