CLEVA-Crete usage information for

concrete finishers

Why should we request the use of CLEVA-Crete on our products?

Does the slump stay the same when the concrete has CLEVA-Crete in it?

What price should we allow for using CLEVA-Crete on a project?

What are the payment terms?

Are there certain projects or situations where CLEVA-Crete shouldn’t be used?

When there is CLEVA-Crete in concrete, does it made the concrete go off faster?

What changes in finishing techniques will be evident when CLEVA-Crete is used?

Does the MPa take a hit? Do you get earlier strength or is there a delayed setting time?

Does CLEVA-Crete help with delayed setting times?

Do concrete finishers have to use aliphatic alcohol or other types of curing agents?

How does CLEVA-crete change conrete's behaviour?

How old is the technology and when was it first used in Australia?

Can you still get a burnt finish when CLEVA-Crete is in the concrete?

How does CLEVA-Crete compete or behave with similar waterproofing options?

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