Batch Plants

Frequently Asked Questions

CLEVA CRETE’s effect on the setting and curing times of concrete?

CLEVA CRETE creates and adds more of the right type of calcium silicate hydrate. Additionally, it increases setting times by 13 to 17% on average depending on mix design. We have seen 7-to-10-day strengths after 48 hours from being poured. Also a few hours after the concrete has beenbatched and placed, there should be no moisture released out of the slab in the form of bleedwater. Full curing time of the concrete usually occurs at the same time as normal, which is 28days, as with any other concrete or control mixes. At this point there is typically no more than 4 to11% increase in MPa.

It is not a cement, it is a pozzolan so it creates additional purer amorphite types of C-S-H, however, this does not make the CLEVA CRETE modified concrete (CCMC) go off that much faster than control. It does go off about 13-17% faster than control.

Why does CLEVA CRETE recommend a diaphragm pump at the batchplant?

CLEVA CRETE is an extremely high quality and super fine material. When it dries in a normal rubber or steel impeller pump, there is the risk that it can cause damage to equipment and the impeller blade may lock up.

CLEVA CRETE’s own air driven, twin-diaphragm pumps have proven to be the most reliable option over the last 25 years. Our fluid controller talks directly to your batch plant computer.

We will install our pump free of charge and, if you don’t have a tank available, we will install a type and size that will suit and fit into your plant.

Why are we required to give you our mix design?

CLEVA CRETE is normally dosed at about 2 litres per cube for a lot of mix designs, we require the full mix design including information on what SCM’s are being used and at what percentages. Most importantly, it is essential to supply us with the water/cement ratio of your mix design.

The technology only uses up the free water that is in the concrete matrix and does not require any additional hydration water during the dicalcium silicate hydrate and tricalcium silicate hydrate stages.

What are your delivery arrangements?

We bulk deliver to batch plants. To get a next day delivery, the office or your rep in your state, must have your PO by 12:00 noon the day before.

If CLEVA CRETE sets earlier than a control mix, does that mean that it’s harder to clean out the agi’s?

CLEVA CRETE modified concrete cleans off as normal concrete.

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